Library Information

Maysville Public Library 706.652.2323

Library Manager: Sherri Stephens
Assistant Librarian:  Melanie Weatherby

Maysville Public Library offers free passes to the following:
- Go Fish Education Center
- Center for Puppetry Arts
- Atlanta Zoo
- Free Parking Passes for Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites

 Monday and Friday 9:00-5:00
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-7:00
Saturday 10:00-2:00

Our goals are to provide the citizens of Maysville with the instructional and educational resources they need. We will accomplish this through fundraiser's, donations, and grants.

Our current goals are:

To purchase the books required by home schools and public schools including updated reference materials.
Documentary and educational DVD's.
Equipment such as bookcases, a sign, digital camera, and additional computers.
Programs that will enrich the community.

Long term goals are:
Provide age and need specific programs at no charge.
Additions to the library
Continue to update books and reference materials periodically.
Purchase equipment and furniture as needed.

Library Calendar of Events: